I was taught constellations
 of great men;
I fancied myself some
 star waiting to be born;
I schemed to finagle myself
 into some unique being
 so as to see myself
  in the night sky.

I did not see my own sun;
I was already unique
 with nothing to wait for
 to be.

Ĺ’dipus Complex

Man’s nature is to misunderstand his nature.
Consciousness arises from unconsciousness;
it identifies itself as separate from it;
unconscious embraces consciousness,
loves it as its child, and considers
it as part of it.

Mother smothers child;
child cuts itself off from mother;
child turns King and mother queen;
husband bows to understanding wife;
wife yields to being known.

Thus they fold into one another:
a continuous creation, child of God.