Contents May Be Hot

It's a nice day
 for a latte
 and a wrecking ball
Inner beauty can't be seen
 but words kill
So powerful
 they cast a spell
 of utter destruction
 inside my chest
What once was buildings
 is now just sky
 with little clouds
 and little birds, chirping

Que Saran, Saran

In my youth, I was pretty -
my skin so smooth.
Then I got used -
 stretched out -
I was clingy -
A cover for others' purposes.
Now I'm wrinkled and frumpy
 and no one is interested in me.
At least I fulfilled my destiny.

Acquired Taste

Love is in my mouth -
 on its roof -
 like a seldom used broiler
 now stuck on.
My breath runs hot -
 like a quiet dragon
 huffing to itself.
Will I ever express
 the burning word? -
 or maybe it is just
  a gentle kiss.

Oh, you Devil!

After all that therapy,
I can finally stand
 to see myself.
My horns shine,
 from when I filed them down.
My tail twitches,
 from between my legs.
My hooves tap,
 à la Shoeless Joe,
 how apropos.
My bed blazes
 all ready
 for when I lie down in it.


A favorite item can't be replaced.

The cup I was -
I liked to drink out of -
is broken now.

Was it my fault?
Was it my faults? -
the fault lines that make it
 so easy to break?

In defiance...
In love... with, of, for myself
In the fire,
I bleed gold
and heal.

My faults
My spangles
My Self