Plum Dumplings

You delighted me
 proclaiming you were making them
It was the best thing
 I had ever heard of
You asked for sugar
I gave you salt
Thus, my first taste of heaven
 was horror
Oh, Karma
Still the best thing
I imagine
Just a little care
 on my part
the missing ingredient

Vault of Heaven

Child monk
Full of sin
What does it matter!
blissfully oblivious
God cradles you

A footpath lifts you above the ravine
A gentle breeze kisses your cheek
A tumult gusts in the tree tops
 merely to thrill your
 devilish little heart

Blazen Rites

It was a hard winter
 though it rarely froze
In a pleasant, desperate search
 I walk the entire park
 for respite

A tuft of purple crocuses
 The sniff of a dog
  Little waterfalls
 The bend of the river
Will it be enough?

Intuition indicates the right path
I hesitate, but take it
Such a long walk — for what?
and to go the whole way —
 it's getting late

I reach the horses’ ring
The naked woods are on fire
The bold sun hovers atop the hill yonder,
its rays a kaleidoscopic crown,
as if waiting for me the whole time


I go on tumblr
 for pornography:
 the beautiful kind,
 the breathtaking kind,
 the crumpling kind.
Over the months
 I had my smattering of likes:
 the ones I gave my heart to.
One tumblr led to another
 which led to another,
Till that one night
 I stumbled on
 that heavenly site:
Each post stunning,
 each post stole my heart,
 and it was endless.
I am cured.

After a fashion

And thus the Lord
 created Adam
 and furnished unto him Eden

And Adam
 plucked the fruit
  too early

And, lo, Adam was dismayed
 and he called unto the Lord
 “Lord, why hath thou forsaken me?
 “I have tasted of your fruit
  and have found it hard and bitter.”

The Lord saw before Him
 the morning of His Glory —
 Perfection in every blade of grass,
  every seed, and every hair on Adam’s head.

And the Light of God’s Grin
 shown upon Adam
 “Adam, it is your own fashioning.
 “And I assure you:
  there is not a bad thing in Eden,
  not even your fashioning.”