The Art of Action and Being

In my desire to embrace the world,
embrace for love, for safety,
no, not for love — so chilling,
for safety, I conceive the world determinable,
employ science and social contracts,
morals and power,
all for my well–intentioned designs

Do not go coming around bringing up the ghost of love
to haunt my bones,
to turn my castles in the air to dust.
I’d have to give up everything
science cannot calculate,
contracts cannot account for,
morals cannot heed,
power cannot glory in its deeds,
only that I may look in your eyes
and know you

the factory belts overflow untended
the stocks: lost opportunities
my work hours fly by
just to gaze at you

my research and masterpieces
ring hollow
and it is so important
to do
tormenting me
to look upon you
I howl,
shiver like a child in my toddler shoes

With what crazy faith you do tempt me to my insanity,
Oh God, oh God,