Skiing with Brian, Overheard

Went skiing with Brian. It was a pretty good time.

I tried some of the black diamond hills… umm, glad I made it down alive, but it wasn’t that bad.

We ended up finding a great hill “the sidewinder” pointed out by a veteran skier. Made a poem out of it.

We happened to go the evening that did there own winter Olympic’s opening ceremony. Just as we were deciding to call it a day we walked out and into the preparations for it. It would take place at sunset. We got to talk to the organizer and cameraman beforehand. The organizer alluded to the person who wanted to do it on a bit of a whimsy and build the 1 story torch device with his special knowledge of pyrotechnics. The cameraman was a laid back victim of circumstance of duty. Long lines of volunteer skiers holding torches from various hills took a long, peaceful time getting down their hills. Once they all got down, the main torch was lit.


“You suck the fun out of everything: Funsucker!!”

“Monica, overcome your fears!” (In a tone implying she should be excused from braving it) “I already did.”