Barely able to contain herself
her militant stature holds back
 not understanding why
just some vague remonstrances of the past
 create a tension
so when she braves again to steal a kiss
 her grimaced forbearance
 some biting and tasting
 is either far away or hard–pressed
 lashing out in a constant stream of lacerations
The other: clever, laid–back, self–possessed
 never seems to want for affection
 till her eyes betray her
Only the tenderest kisses will she take
 and over and over, so deep her reception
Perhaps, one morning on a Tuesday
 after such an audience
 one unsubstantial half of tongue slips
 in tacit return

So when clever black stays home
 to rest her lame leg
And bold blonde bolts through the forest
 to terrorize squirrels again
I'm lost —
 yell and yell and yell
  with no recourse
Only when I whisper
 do her sensitive ears melt her heart
 and she comes bounding back
 out of nowhere