Ode to the Blue Eyes in the Pickup Truck

There I was
 a homeless man on a trek
 to the pizza shop
 my only care in the world
 waiting at the intersection
You pulled up
 passenger in a pickup truck
 in your beauty
 and your bright, blue eyes
Am I worthy enough for a smile?
 and you gave me a smile
 and though it was the day after Thanksgiving
 it suddenly felt like Christmas
 and the snow seemed to be
 blowing around
 touching my nose and eyelashes
 and I could see you in a bonnet
 with the wind rushing through your skirts
We must have been lovers once
 some kinda sisterly lovers
 warm underneath the blankets in our childhood
 but for you, your bed is the bed of a redneck
And I’ll never understand you
And yet you belong on that prairie
 with the unforgiving North Dakota winds
 foreboding a hard winter
And I’ll never understand you
 with your hard, closed–minded man
 who don’t understand you
 You, wearing your red, fading handkerchief
  whose red never fades
You, some kinda Josephine
 kidnapped from an aristocrat’s ball
 taken to some backwoods, backwards boonies
 where you are the only thing
 between hard–living and beauty
And I’ll never understand you
 though I’m the only one who’d care to