Boarding a Plane: You Will Have to Suffer Through It

I’m on a walk. It’s a long walk ending at midnight with a mystical wild forest surrounding us. It’s a good feeling and I forget some of the emotional dynamic details between me and others along the way.

I with a cool girl. I want to walk back from whence we came with another cool girl with blue eyes and long curly blond hair, but then I’ll have to leave the other one behind to go with her. On one hand, it feels that isn’t in my interest to go, but then the attitude is so carefree, just being with a girl is important.

Dad is telling mom that he raised and sent to college 2 sons and that’s enough for her.

I’m at airport with Grandpa: a large sleepy white haired man. I tap a young man with my foot by accident. A big, nice lady tells me I just insulted some tribal leader .. Karsi.


“No, you must apologize.”


He speaks French. He’s dressed nicely in dress shoes and sweater suit but I can tell its not his natural dress. I stammer out an apology in French, in the polite form, though I take time trying out the phrase.

The whole room is watching.They are impressed I speak French.

He tells me “you are going to have to suffer through it.”

There is a discussion at the meaning if this. I say I’m going into the military. Something like I will received medical training while serving.

The lady wonders if that’s really for me: “they break you, you know, they have paid personal whose job it is to break you” meaning exercise.

“That’s not a big deal, I’ve been through that already…. if only I had some message to help guide me” I stammer.

Then I realize, what am I saying, the tribal leader just gave me a special message, and then the plane boards.

Grandpa is asleep. I have to wake him up. I pick up me things myself without him conscious: a canvas bag with my books and an egg carton with one egg in it.

He wakes up. I’m in tears. I wanted a real goodbye. Grandpa, I have to go, I yell. He’s still clueless of the situation.

I’m on plane to Costa Rica.

The Lady talks to her friend about Subarus, saying how we all like Subarus because they are dependable but none of us buys one.

I say that my car is a Subaru. Then I realize I forgot something at the house and walk back there.

I walk back to the plane (it was a  short walk) and a the stewardess takes me to my seat on the far right which has a cross ailse, so lots of leg room.

I drive around cost Rica. Nice and tropical, but the highway takes away from it.