The Repainting Will Take a Year; Work’s Groundhog Week Funeral Afterparty

I’m in some family’s suburban house. A neighbor gets mad at the husband for my not mowing his lawn. He timidly asks me to mow it. I calmly go up there. I have to be careful.

Next I’m going to mow the family’s lawn. I go to the backyard, which is on the basement level. I spray water from a hose onto the backdoor, which happens to be open. The husband happens to have been painting there (that’s why the door was ajar). Ugg. I go in to take the timid accusations and survey the damage. The wet paint is blistered but the old paint on the untouched parts of the wall are fine, so are the 3 foot tall koi statues standing here at face height. I don’t know how long it will take to fix: scrape the paint of and wait for it to dry then reprint… maybe a year.

I go some funeral afterparty related to my previous employment. It’s just some restaurant in a strip mall. Then a week has gone by and I find myself repeating the same visit to the strip mall and the restaurant. I stop in a furniture store by accident. Then the restaurant again. The food I was eating the week before is still there. I leave to an parking lot island restaurant and an surprised to find myself talking with some late-twenties developers asking would they tell me of my work’s funeral afterparty location this week.