Clouds and Sky

Those lost days
I remember so well
the obscene sky
emblazoned on my eye
driving around
a courier in greater metropolitan area
delivering things of importance
things worth more than insignificant me
worth the rapid wearing–down of my vehicle with no recompense
and, I could not believe that such a bold sky ever existed
how lucky must farmhands have been
we were a nation of farmhands years ago
and the sky so obscene and bold every god-loving day
Fifteen years later, I trudge hours on my bike
those precious clouds god got up early in the morning to bake
startling contrasts and textures
why masterpieces every day?
as I scurry back and forth
as mouse under hawk's eye
Oh, God, I felt so privy to those secret havens in plain sight
mountain majesty of wondrous delight
thumb in the pie
After so many unexpected enthrallments
feeling so small
so small