What a strange pole I stand on
 my compass just spins
Inner fumblings
 keep me dancing on a pin
Some daft defiance of gravity
 lets me be
Juxtaposed with the world
 for all to see
Only let me twirl
           let me be
           let me hum with grace
                 and buzz with glee

Down to Bean Town

In a train station in France. I’m to accompany two French ladies: a blond and a brunette. We talk in English until I decide to practice my high school French; this goes tolerably well.

After we buy tickets we stand next to the train-tube awaiting the train. We discuss which city to go to. Without settling upon a destination, we decide to purchase some vittles from the classy delicatessen just to our left in the station.

The first section, serving meats, served by a male, is strangley cordoned off: the rope holders have been pushed up against the serving glass; I have to step over them to uncomfortably place an order.

The second section, serving vegetables, served by a brunette, has no such obstacles and is not as crowded. We take our time conferring with one another what to take; the server make suggestions. There a some beautiful fried pepper slices which we take; when the server suggests something else with peppers, I object, because we already have picked some peppers.

I opt for some baked beans.

“Oh, no,” cries the server, her personality coming out. She is comparable to Zooey Deschanel with a thinner, less-healthy face.

“Yes” I insist, jovaly, picking up on the playfulness.

“You are going to decapitate them,” she says.

“I think… I think I will eat them all”

She looks hurt.

“We are going down to bean town!”

She pouts, and smiles.

“I think,” she beams, just realizing this, “I am going to be on the same train as you,” revealing small, unhealthy teeth, which do not take away from her endearing nature.


I spied you as I entered the grocer
 By the time I reached the checkout, I knew
 I had to have you
 Petals vibrant yellow
 Upon inspection revealing
 crimson deep within
 that’s how I knew
 cursing my impetuosity
 why, how need
 why and how 

I brought you home
 not one peep
 not one flower spread
 no color deep
 depressed, languishing

After the dreary days
 Just my luck to bump into wisdom
 that knew your ways
  your needs
 knew you’ve outgrown your pot
And at the center they knew hibiscuses
 like it comfy and warm
Every season something new
 just an inch or two
 to continue unfurling roots
and something to lean on
 when things need straightening

The next day, amid the trees
 I see you sporting that same flower
  the one that brought me to you
fully extended

Firefly Carpet

Wind gushing through the tall trees at twilight
The air pats me on the back
  with soft touches of the day’s last heat
Fading rays of the sun’s reflective goodbye
 stream through, gloomy as moonbeams
Some glint in the corner of my eye
 a speck of gold, supernatural
I spy you hobbling around in preflight
 I delight in your throbbing fob
  as you grow into your wings
What a welcome first sighting
I suppose we must all crawl alone in the dusk
  before we dance in heady teams
And as I dwaddle home I see
      Firefly, Firefly, Firefly
out laying a phosphorescent carpet for me


O Little one
flattened by the wheel
 of some innocuous trip
  to work, to school, to the grocers
You lay accursed in this driveway
 how could your nimble speed
 be overrun by the suburban 5 mph
As I pick you up I see
 not crimson blood bursting
  from your mouth
 but some bright berry you were
  scurrying away with


I used page through women’s
 clothing magazines for the babes
 Whatever they wore was a teasing distraction
I thought I knew well Victoria’s Secret
 my uncle joked for me to watch out
 while the poison was already stealing silently
 through my veins
That such powerful possessors
 would fall prey to obsession with accessories
 laid bare an horrific mystery

Now that love has departed
 I wonder how much damage was dealt
 by my brutal insistance
 that her beautiful self was all that was wanted
All that’s left are these seasonal mailings
 Sifting through the pages
 delving back in time
 for something I missed
Now I look at the artifacts
 am in awe by the inspired, nurturing designs
Watch beauty echo… echo… echo:
 I am beauty; take care