The anchor tugs
 the bottom of my heart
 — a heart bobbing on the waves —
 trucks it on a steady journey
  to the bottom of the sea,
  to its own country
   with new life.
Upon touching ground,
 a phosphorescent chain-reaction
  alights the ocean floor.


Heavy drops fall
 and wet the grass and bark.
Leaves stir; darkness gathers
 into a grumble.
My stomach churns.
I, so young, gaze
 though the window in earnest anticipation,
 witness spasms of light and crashes of thunder.
My organs quake with each strike.
How could I and this vast tumult —
 am I part of nature?
Is this my true mother calling me,
 claiming me, seeking me out?
Strange rending,
 I confess I am you.