Beloved (Read by the Author)

One never expects love
She always descends
 in such inappropriate places
Soft, dulcet–smooth
 some kind, caramel–honey
Pouring into my ears
So low–down
 every murderous word
I bike against the flow of traffic
futilely thumbing for her to raise her voice
cursing the onslaught of society

About Time for Rain

The first time
 I allowed myself to see
 beauty in every being
was the first time
 the universe smiled upon me
 in the knowing smile of a woman
I stopped
 planting my feet to steady my bike
 as she crossed the street
 the air applauding with a
  chorus of strings
  from a idle car’s stereo
I gazed
she pondered, puzzled
then she saw
and smiled

Bogart and Brando in the Bathroom

Bogart is being interviewed by Brando in a bathroom.

He tells Brando, “Careful not to get pooh on my suit”

Brando lays Bogart’s suit across the toilet seat. In a quiet gesture of menace, he gently presses it down. One tiny spot of pooh touches the breast pocket.

Enraged, Bogart manhandles Brando: he stuffs him in the toilet and flushes him down. You can here the explosion of pipes downstairs in the busy kitchen.

Bogart and his compadre are outside, about to take off. They debate whether to kill “stupid”, referring to me, for getting Brando to do that to the suit.