I spied you as I entered the grocer
 By the time I reached the checkout, I knew
 I had to have you
 Petals vibrant yellow
 Upon inspection revealing
 crimson deep within
 that’s how I knew
 cursing my impetuosity
 why, how need
 why and how 

I brought you home
 not one peep
 not one flower spread
 no color deep
 depressed, languishing

After the dreary days
 Just my luck to bump into wisdom
 that knew your ways
  your needs
 knew you’ve outgrown your pot
And at the center they knew hibiscuses
 like it comfy and warm
Every season something new
 just an inch or two
 to continue unfurling roots
and something to lean on
 when things need straightening

The next day, amid the trees
 I see you sporting that same flower
  the one that brought me to you
fully extended