Laughing at Life During the Psych Eval

I’m in a small, quiet testing facility: something like a hospital room.

I’m the subject of a psychiatric evaluation. There is a young woman doctor administering the tests.

I press buttons on some radio. I listen to some jazz music. There is a button labeled “Jazz”. When I press it, it accentuates the bass in a pleasing way. Is it the button that does this, or is it just the song? No, it’s the button.

Disco music now plays.

Confidently, I approach her and begin to dance with her. It is alright? Yes, we are laughing at life.

She is so light and soft. I spin her round and round in my arms. She is so happy; we are carefree. We know, at one and the same time, how precious life is and how stifling circumstances make things, and we are putting that aside.