Rehashing Simpsons Cartoons

By the time I’m finished with this dream, I realize that it crafted created by remixing Simpson cartoons (not from Simpsons cartoons I’ve seen, though).

1st Dream

I’m an Indian boy who is in a fortress and am a slave to a sheik. At first, I try to impersonate an aide-de-camp. I can tell this is failing and before an mortal reprimand, I turn into a squirrel, a flying squirrel of sorts, because I grab hold of a delicate, purple scarf and use it like a parachute as I leap out of the tower and land lightly on to the cobbled city street. From here I become an academic ward of the state.

2nd Dream (This is sort of a meta-dream encapsulating the 1st)

A man who resembles Smithers, minus his obsequiousness (so, his alter ego), confidently dictates a story to a young woman through a long night. She becomes exhausted, but at the end it is a very nice story. Smithers tells her “that is the work of a virtuoso, my dear,” with mild romantic overtones.